Frequently Asked Questions



What is 1PAY?

  • 1PAY is an electronic payment instrument that allows eCA-i account holders, to make payments and fund transfer. It reflects the current practice of issuing physical paper cheque used by conventional Current Account.
  • 1PAY is a quick and simple way of making payment/banking transaction of Current Account for funds transfer by the accountholder to a third-party account in Bank Rakyat or to third parties in other Banks.
* Subject to terms and conditions.


Are there any time limitations to use this service?
1PAY is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays.


What are the services offered in 1PAY?
With 1PAY, Customer will be able to perform the following banking services  :

Fund Transfer

1) Intrabank Transfer
    - For transfer and payment to account within Bank Rakyat
2) Interbank Transfer
    - For transfer and payment to account at other Bank
    - Transfer will be done using IBG and Rentas.

Cash Over the Counter (encashment of 1PAY Payment issuance)

Enabling customers (Payer) to make payments / fund transfer to recipient (payee) in cash the counter. The payees can only encash the payment at Bank Rakyat branches.

Cheque Purchase

Allow cheque purchase transaction to be done from customer's location while collecting of the cheque at the Customer's desired Bank Rakyat branches.

Account Management

Assist in the management of accounts such as account reconciliation, review of account summary, transactions reports and others.

Dual-Authorization Function

‘maker' and ‘checker' function provides better control on transactions.

Mandate Function

Allow the mandate to perform banking transactions on behalf of Customer.


Who can access 1PAY?


  1. Individual and Non-Individual accountholders which maintains at least one current account with Bank Rakyat may allowed to sign up for this service.
  2. For individual customers, accountholders is allowed to provide mandate to a third party to operate on their eCA-i account and carry out transactions on behalf of their eCA-i.
    • For Non Individual Customers, the appointed user as stated in Board of Director's Resolution (or Minutes of Meeting for cooperative, society and etc).
    • Non Individual Customer is allowed to appoint unlimited number of maker by forwarding the company's authorization letter.
    • Non Individual Customer is allowed to appoint unlimited number of maker by forwarding the company's authorization letter.
  1. The payee/payment's recipient/holder of IPN number can view their payment details via 1PAY Enquiry Menu available in 1PAY website.


What is IPN Number?

  • IPN Number is a number generated by the system upon successful authorization of the payment issuance by the account holder.
  • One IPN number is tagged to one 1PAY Payment Issuance.
  • The IPN Number can be used by the payee to view their payment details via 1PAY Enquiry Menu available in 1PAY website.


What is Audit Trail?
Audit Trail is a tracking system which records all kind of tasks perform by the User. Each activity will be recorded according to User ID, Password and Time.


Can an organization have more than 1 Maker and Authorized user?
Yes. There is no limitation for an organization to have more than 1 Maker and Authorized user.


Is there any fee for utilizing 1PAY?
Yes. Fees imposed are subject to the transaction types.

Fund Transfer (Intrabank)


Fund Transfer (Interbank)

- Through IBG

- Through Rentas

RM0.10 for every transaction

RM2.00 for every transaction

Cheque Purchase

RM2.00 per cheque

SMS/TAC Charges



Is there a cut-off time for payment?
Yes. The cut-off time will depend on the type/mode of transactions.


What is the transaction limit for 1PAY?
Fund Transfer will subject to certain limits and conditions:

Fund Transfer to Own Account (Intrabank)

No limit

Combine maximum limit per day is RM10,000

Fund Transfer to Third Party (Intrabank)


Fund Transfer Through IBG (Interbank)


Fund Transfer Through RENTAS (Interbank)


Encashment Over The Counter


Cheque Purchase



Can I enquire the status of the cheques deposited into my current account?
Yes, 1PAY allows you to enquire the status of cheque deposited into your account.


Are there any restrictions for 1PAY accountholder to make fund transfer or payment to any third parties?
1PAY accountholder may perform fund transfer or payment to any third parties subject to the payee's name is not listed in Bank Rakyat listing of companies/individual that involves in non shariah compliance (NSC) activities. The Bank may terminate the fund transfer/payment to non shariah companies/individual without being obliged to provide any reason whatsoever.


What should I do if I forget my Password and my UserID gets blocked?
The 1PAY Accountholder/ Authorizer(s)/Maker(s) must come to Bank Rakyat branches to perform Reset of 1PAY password or to unblock their UserID.


Can I access the service from overseas?
Yes, as long as your PC has Internet access.


What are the minimum browser requirements? Internet Explorer 8 and above / Firefox version 20.0.1 / Chrome version 26.0.1410.64 / Safari version 5.1.7



How do you register as a user?

  • Registration for 1PAY can be made through Bank Rakyat branches which the Customer will be assigned with their login UserID and Password.
  • You will be eligible for 1PAY once you have opened Electronic Current Account-i.
  • Application of 1PAY can only be performed at the same branch where the Electronic Current Account-i is opened.


How to access 1PAY?
You may access 1PAY via and subsequently perform normal login process which requires User ID & Password.


What is TAC Number?
As second level security control, TAC NUMBER is required for authorization. The system will generate one time password which will be sent via SMS to the registered hand phone number.


What is the process if there is a change of Authorized User?
Please notify the Bank officially of any changes in Authorised User by submitting the following:

  • Board of Directors' Resolution / Minutes of Meeting (for Cooperative, Society and etc).
  • Copies of Identity Card for appointed personnel.
  • Other relevant documents



How secure is 1PAY?
1PAY is located within the internal security system of the Bank. In addition, the following security features has been developed & integrated in the system to maintain the highest level of security:

  • Confidentiality - SSL encryption
  • Audit Trails
  • Access rights by user/module/account
  • Maker/Authorizer concept
  • Dual-Authorization Function


What is Secret Phrase?

  • Secret Phrase is used to assist the Customer in verifying that the login page is from a genuine Bank Rakyat's website.
  • You need to enter your Secret Phrase during your first time login.


What more should I do to maintain my access security?

  • Your Username and Password is confidential. Never reveal you Username or Password to any third parties. Bank Rakyat staff will NEVER ask for your Username or Password for any reason whatsoever.
  • Memorize your Username and Password BUT do not write it down or reveal to the third parties.
  • Do not choose a Password that is easy to guess such as your Username, telephone number, Identity Card number or birth date. Also, avoid using repeated or sequential numbers like 999999 or 123456. Password should be alpha numeric and contain minimum 8 Characters e.g. FDX78490.
  • Frequently change your Password via
  • Change your Password immediately if you suspect that it has been compromised.
  • Avoid storing the password on your computer or any electronic device.
  • Do not use a common Password for different services i.e. sharing your Internet banking Password with your email password.
  • Clear your cache (temporary storage in computer) and delete all browsing history, cookie data and password stored in your computer each time you log out.